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Welcome to GeneaRescue!
Have you hit a brick wall in your genealogical search? Is your family not cooperating in the research? And whatever happened to Great Uncle Anthony after he left the state?

I can help. I have seen hundreds if not thousands of photos from the 19th and early 20th centuries, which come from all over the United States. These photos end up in curiosity shops and antique stores throughout California. I have started to rescue those photos where a first and last name are provided, in the hopes that you will come looking for your long lost relatives!

If you believe you have found a relative from the photos on this page, here is the process to follow:
Email me at hedgehog_grrrl at yahoo dot com with the following information:
  1. Family name you are researching
  2. Photo(s) you are claiming from my site
  3. How you found my site
Please note that without this required information, I will not release the photos to you, because the whole purpose for this site is to rescue long lost ancestor photos. This site is not here for people who are looking for "instant ancestors" or novelty photos.

Currently, all I require is payment for the price of the photo, as well as shipping the photo to you. Payment can be made by certified check, money order, or PayPal. Please specify how you would like the photo(s) shipped, and whether insurance and tracking are needed.

Beginning January 1, 2007, I will begin charging a Finder's Fee on top of the price paid for the photo and shipping costs.

If you would like me to search a specific area of California for photos of your missing ancestors, I can do that, too! I will require gas and labor fees for the search, and will provide you with copies of receipts and time spent in the search.

Stay tuned for specific pricing info!

Writing on photo:
Chas. Pauls, Undertaker,
Grandpa? Pauls Brothers.
Photo branding:
Chas. E. Emery,
Cañon City,
Price paid: $1.00
(This photo is actually
quite faded like the
others here, but I've
corrected the fading in
the digital image so you
can see it better).

Writing on photo:
Miss Ellie Morris
Egbert Ontario
April 19th
Photo branding:
J.A. Castor,
Price paid: $1.50
May be part of large set!

Writing on photo:
Ellie & Louise
(same writing as Ellie Morris)
Photo branding:
Thos. E. Perkins
293 Yonge Street
Price paid: $1.00

Writing on photo:
For Dear Anna
Alliston, Ont
Photo branding:
Gagen & Fraser
Price paid: $2.00

Writing on photo:
Hector Seager ?
To Maria
xmas 1886
Photo branding:
L.J. Dixon
Cor. King & Yonge Sts.
Price paid: $2.00

Writing on photo:
Mr. & Mrs. Disher
To Jennie
From Andrew & Andrew
Photo branding:
Belle Oudry
1121 Washington St.
Oakland, CAL.
Price paid: $5.00

Writing on photo:
Cousin Pollie Hoyland
Photo branding:
G.V. Yates Photo.
Sheffield (U.K.?)
Price paid: $2.00

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