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One Great Family

Welcome to the McBee and Wades Family Research Site!
I have been researching my family's genealogy since I was a teenager. My cousin Norman has dedicated over 20 years of his life also researching the family. Together we branch out on various forums in search of the start of our family line. It's the most exciting puzzle I have ever tackled!

Steph's Genealogical Background:

Maternal Grandfather = Appalachian   }   McBee

Maternal Grandmother = Appalachian   }   Hughes

Paternal Grandfather = Polish   }   Zawada/Wades

Paternal Grandmother = Scottish/Canadian   }   Milne

Other family names fully discussed within this site:
Shepherd, McBean, Szatkowski, Scott.

Surnames casually mentioned within the Shepherd page: Dean, Sexton, Hobbs, Evans, Connolly.

Surnames casually mentioned within the McBean page: McBeath, Stewart, Seton, Curry, Carpenter, Cameron, McRae, Dawson, Jakes, Richardson, Macpherson, McLennan, Gardner, Ross, Stickler, McGregor, Edgar, MacBeth, Clark, Schneider, LeDernier, Cameron, McMillan, Symington, Curry, McLeod, Johnston, Hughson, Turpin, Burdwick, Hastings, Clendenning, Sutherland, Elliott, McCallum, Drew, McArthur, Alabana, Wigg, Herman, Kershaw, Wiggins, Morrison, McDonald, Scadden, McLean, Craig, Kallingen, Veith, Aikens, Sangster, Young, Robertson, Snyder, Strong.

Surnames casually mentioned within the Szatkowski page: Stanislawska, Lopinska, Ruzmiarek, Mydlarz, Nowaczyk, Staniszewska, Liesicki, Baranowski, Niemi, Koviak, Lopez, Stanford, Carbine, Gerich, Johnson, Lewandowski, Radeke, Jerele, Rowe, Swetich, Jarve, Renwick, Schoolcraft, Penprase, Patterson, Klausch, Kerrigan, Knechtges, Kruszka, Bausano, Judnick, Manser, Yeagley, Carolin, Brown, Stark, McLain, Supan(ich), Lenich, Davis, Murn, Kersting, Sinclair, Bomblinski, Wojkiewicz, Latoski, Harrington, Fournier, Kromula, Majewski, Mader.

Surnames casually mentioned within the Scott page: Kenney.

Surnames casually mentioned within the McBee page: Cox, Hale, Yadon, Beebe, Brown, Barron, Walters, Hamilton, Hurst, VanBibber, Williams, Owens, Grubb, Soard, Larmore, Janeway, Edmondson, Ford, Cupp, Keck, Johnson, Welch, Minton, Sheckles, Davis, Tolliver, Givens, Shackleford, Thacker, Short, Massingill, Lay, Marlow, Dyer, Duncan, North, Garland, Rapier, Burk, Hammond, Gibson, Booth.

Surnames casually mentioned within the Hughes page: Osborne, Jordan, Talbott.

Surnames casually mentioned within the Zawada/Wades page: Judnick, Innis, Wright, Manser, Yeagley, Carolin.

Surnames casually mentioned within the Milne page: Hume, Vair, Stoneman, Dusterdick, Mathie, Jamieson, Ayseltine, McDonald.

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